Ostrog monastery

The Monastery of Ostrog is located at a distance of 15 kilometers from the city Danilovgrad in Montenegro. It has a unique architecture as it is built right into the cliff. Within the walls of the monastery relics of the revered saint Montenegro Basil of Ostrog. Touch the relics and cure many diseases in the monastery of Ostrog is visited by people from all over the world.

Built in 1665 at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level on the site of ancient caves in the rock Ostroshka Grad, the monastery is the main spiritual shrine Montenegro. After the death of the founder of the monastery of Archbishop Vasily Ivanovich & H in 1671, he was proclaimed a saint and his relics left in the monastery, became the main relic of the place. Activities St. Basil of Ostrog has earned the respect of many of the faithful during his lifetime, and the relics of the saint after his death began to work miracles. They helped to cure severe cases, tidy mind and thoughts of many people. Monastery Ostrog is the only place in the world, which is equally revered by the Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims. For Christians Ostrog third in the world after the holy grave of Christ and the Holy Mount in Jerusalem.

In the XVIII century the monastery was a real spiritual banner of the struggle for independence, protecting and preserving Montenegrin troops. Within its walls kept many Christian relics, such as: The right hand of John the Baptist, part of the Holy Cross and the Icon of Our Lady Filermskoy. One day, during the Second World War, the church at the monastery has fallen Nazi bomb, but did not explode. The remains of the bombs are still stored here as evidence of the Holy Basil of Ostrog force.

Ostrog monastery consists of two parts. The lower part of the monastery was built in the middle of the XIX century and is composed of cells of the monks and the temple of the Holy Trinity, where the relics of the Holy New Martyrs Stanko, 15-year-old shepherd, which the Turks cut off the hand holding the cross, as he did not want to deviate from their faith. Here come the many rites of baptism.

The top part of the monastery of Ostrog in Danilovgrad carved high in the cliff. It is the oldest and stores the most valuable relics of the monastery. Both parts of the monastery connects 5 km long forest road, which can shorten the walking trail. The structure of the old part of the monastery includes the Church of the Holy Cross (Holy Cross) and Vvedensky church of the Virgin Mary. 15 years in the prayers were conducted Basil of Ostrog in the walls of a small church Vvedensky having dimensions of 3 meters in length and 3 meters in width. Nearby, on a rock, deposited icon of St. Basil of Ostrog. The ark with the relics of St. Basil is in Vvedensky church. Cultural values ​​also have a prayer book in 1732, the temple candlesticks in 1779, and the frescoes in 1667 the Holy Cross Church, written by a master Radul. Ostrog monastery in Danilovgrad and today is an active monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

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