As soon as the city wakes up, he wakes up with him a whole bunch of flavors of eucalyptus, oleander, green palms, agaves and magnolias. When the city goes to sleep, the last thing he feels - a delicious smell of seafood. New Year is steeped in the fragrance of mimosa and melodies of the famous Festival of the flower. So lives Herceg Novi - every day basking in the incense, sunshine, basking on the hot stones and refreshing sea breeze caresses.

If you look at the top Herceg Novi, once it becomes clear why it is called a botanical garden in Montenegro. White stone narrow houses, like stems, crowned with red tiled roof-buds. All the buildings are separated by dense green thickets.

Located on the coast of the Bay of Kotor, Herceg-Novi is famous for its variety of beaches: sandy, wild, sand, healing, platforms beaches, sports beaches for divers and windsurfers. The town, of course, designed for relaxation. However, those who get tired to rest, can go on the tour.

For fifteen hundred years it has accumulated a wealth of attractions that Montenegrins went to the legacy of the Romans, Greeks, Turks, Spaniards and French. Ground tours will acquaint visitors with towers, bastions, churches and monasteries. An interesting city park with exotic forbs flowers and trees. Mamula island in the Bay of Kotor from afar notable for its Austrian fortress. Thrill seekers can rent a boat and take a walk on it in the Blue cave or go for a promenade along the boulevard semikilometrovomu "Seven Dani", which leads to Igalo.

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