The Church of St. Jerome

The Church of St. Jerome is located in Herceg Novi the square Mićo Pavlovich. After the liberation of Montenegro 200 year reign of the Ottoman Empire Mosque, located on the site of the church, converted into a Christian church, and gave it the name in honor of the patron and protector of the city of St. Jerome. Construction of St. Jerome church in Herceg Novi belongs to the XVII century. But, unfortunately, this building has been preserved to our time. The reason for failure was the landslide.

In 1856, the church was restored, it was built a larger building, painted white and decorated with stucco ornaments. To understand the value of this monument of architecture, it is necessary to go inside the church of St. Jerome. Inside it is decorated with the works of famous painters. On the altar of the church next to the Virgin Mary is depicted Saint Jerome. Also in the temple, there is a picture Tripo Kokolja, which depicts the expulsion of the Turks from the city. Painting valued the fact that it has a prince Jerome Korner inscription, who led the capture of the town: "By the will of God, the intercession of the Virgin Mary, prayers priest Innocent the XI, I, Prince Jerome Corner, governor of Dalmatia, freed of Herceg Novi in ​​1687".

The Church of Saint Jerome in Herceg Novi - an important monument symbolizing freedom of the city, and a reminder of its history.

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