Sea Fortress in Herceg-Novi

The sea fortress is preserved from the time of foundation of the city Herceg Novi. Its history comes from the end of the XIV century. At the time, the fortress was built to protect the city against attacks from the sea at the behest of the Bosnian King Tvrtko I. The monument to King on the seafront opposite the castle.

In the XVI-XVII century fortress Forte Mare has undergone significant expansion and strengthening. Huge fortress architectural changes were made in 1833, and by the last reconstruction carried out at the end of the XX century. Now the castle is a symbol of the city and the historical landmark. Today it is not only a monument of architecture, but also the venue for music concerts and open-air film shows. It also offers a wonderful view of the Bay of Kotor and mountains.

Фотографии Sea Fortress in Herceg-Novi

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