Male Orthodox monastery Savina

The Monastery Savina is located in the same area of ​​Savino city Herceg Novi, Montenegro, adjacent to the old city. The monastery was named after the first Archbishop of Serbia - Saint Sava. Legend has it that he personally Sawa produced arrangement of the monastery. The basis for the foundation of the monastery complex was Little Church of the Assumption, built in 1030, and having a huge collection of made in the Byzantine and Gothic frescoes. In the XIII century was built the church of St. Sava as the saint himself.

On the territory of the church complex is Great Church of the Assumption, built in the years 1777-1799 by the famous architect Nikola Foreticha in which the miraculous icon of the Mother of God, which is the main shrine of the monastery Savina. Also on the territory of the monastery is privately body and two cemeteries. According to legend, two Venetian ship were sent to be shot from a cannon church under construction. Monks and laymen prayed fervently before and when the hostile ships were already in a position to shoot, clouds gathered and the thunder was heard. Lightning struck one of the ships, went straight into the powder magazine and the explosion completely destroyed it.

The monastery houses a large number of relics, including a crystal cross of St. Sava XIII century, a large icon of St. Nicholas of the XVIII century, the relics of Saint Helena and many other Serbian church treasures. The rich library of the monastery contains about 5 thousand rare books, including many manuscripts. Among them the gospel in 1375, Savinskaya helmsman of the XVI century, etc.

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