The old town of Herceg-Novi

The old town is within modern Herceg Novi. Here are the main monuments, old churches, museum, library, art gallery and the castle. Here you can spend hours wandering through the medieval streets, like a maze. Over the entire period of its existence, he managed to get in the hands of the Turks, Spanish, Venetians, Austro-Hungarians, the Russian Empire and France. Old town in Herceg Novi is its heart and soul. Some of its buildings survived even under the influence of the earthquake, and the remaining buildings underwent renovation with modern materials.

Founded in the Old Town of Herceg Novi is at the end of the XIV century. In 1382 King Tvrtko I built a castle here. In 1482 Herceg Novi was conquered by the Turks, whose rule lasted for 200 years. In the period from 1538 to 1539 Herceg Novi managed to get in the hands of the Spanish conquerors, and from 1687 to 1797. Herceg Novi was the property of the Venetians, which included the city in the land "Venetian Albania." From 1798, the town alternately belonged to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Russian Empire, and France. Only in 1814, Herceg Novi became a part of Montenegro.

Here everything is done to tourists and local residents to walk through the streets of the old town and enjoy the rich history of the city, embodied in its sights.

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