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Quay in Herceg-Novi

Montenegro, Herceg-Novi, Quay in Herceg-Novi
PHOTO Quay in Herceg-Novi

Quay in Herceg Novi length of 7 kilometers is called "5 Danica", the names of five soldiers with the same name Danica, who died during the Second World War . Walking along the sea, you can visit several areas of the city. This walking area runs through Herceg Novi, on the resort and recreation town of Igalo to the ancient city of Meline. All along the promenade there are many cafes, bars, restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels.

There can be a long walk and enjoy the local beauty and architecture. Also, you can rent videos or bike and take a ride on a good track. During the summer, boiling local life a variety of different festivals that take place here on the waterfront. An interesting fact is that for about 30 years on the promenade passes the railway, which was abolished in 1967.

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