Established by the Turks in the 17th century, the small town of Kolasin is an excellent place Montenegro, which you must visit during your trip. The city is located on the shore of the restless Tara river and is surrounded by mountains on all sides. Kolasin is located at an altitude of 954 meters and offers a great vacation in the winter and summer.

Because of the location and height of the favorable climate in Kolasin clean and healthy air. A special attraction for tourists is Biogradsko Lake, located at National Park "Biogradska mountain", which is partly in Kalashinskoy region and is one of three preserved virgin forest of Europe.

During the three centuries of the history of Kolasin, suffered the fate of most Montenegrin cities, he now and then passed from the hands of the occupiers in the possession of the liberators, and vice versa. This small town is interesting to visit even if only to take into account the fact that he moved 23 times from one side to the other, was destroyed, and its inhabitants are waiting for the final release of the invaders in the midst of the ruins.

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