Botanical Garden Dulovina

In the southern part of the Kolasin, in the city, at an altitude of 1018 m above sea level, it is a unique botanical garden Dulovina. This is the only place in the Montenegro uniting in its territory all the flora of the northern part of the country, everything that grows on the slopes of the mountain ranges Bjelasica, Sinyaevina, Komovi and Durmitor. In the botanical garden Dulovina to date collected more than 400 species of plants, most of which are endemic, and approximately 80% of which belongs to the category of medicinal herbs.

Founded botanical, in 1981, a native garden Kolasin Daniel Vinchek. Daniel spent most of his life protection and preservation of the Montenegrin mountain flora. Because of his work today in the garden, you can contemplate a huge number of medicinal herbs, rare and protected species of plants, as well as a number of interesting things related to the history of the city.

The garden covers an area of ​​646 square meters. Despite the small area, there are recreated conditions of habitat for each plant. The Botanical Garden has a common database, all the plants are classified, signed and they conducted a scientific dossier with photos. The pride of the botanical garden Rumelian pine, European pine with a 5-needle structure of branches, an endemic species of the central part of the Balkan Peninsula. In addition, here you can find such rare and valuable species as kolhikum, wulfenite Blechichi, Balkan Acanthus, mountain arnica, prangosa ferulovidny, Cornflower dzhurashinsky, broom Hirzutum, Zimovniki.

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