The Church of St. Demetrius

The Church of St. Dmitry is located in the heart of Kolasin and is the only Orthodox church in the city.

In 1787, immediately after gaining Montenegro's independence, the main task of the local municipality was the erection of a large and spacious, the Christian church. It was so important, as the orthodox service in the liberated Kolasin held in a small chapel of St. John the Baptist, which was set up in the watch tower of the Turkish times. By the 10 th anniversary of the independence of Montenegro, it was decided to build a chapel on the site of the old church of St. Demetrios, the construction of which was completed in 1788.

According to the ancient custom in the construction of the church took part in all military militia of the city under the leadership of the local governor. They dismantled stone by stone building of the old church and the new church was built then. At the dedication of the church was attended by all the priests and village headmen Kolasin surrounding villages. The church is a 2-storey building of hewn stone with a bell tower and a semicircular apse. Above the entrance you can read a commemorative inscription of the founder of the church - the Montenegrin Prince Nikola Petrovic Njegos. Inside installed iconostasis, decorated with stylized floral motifs of the Baroque style, created under the obvious influence of Russian icon painting school.

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