Restaurant Savardak

In the middle of the road from the town of Kolasin to the eponymous ski resort is a restaurant cuisine Savardak. In our time it is not just a restaurant, but one of the main attractions of the city, since it is made in the style of the house in which lived Montenegrins northerners more than 100 years ago. It has the same tapered shape as tipi - home of North American Indians, which in the local language is called "savardak».

Inside, the restaurant cuisine Montenegro, arranged very interesting. In the heart of an oven, which is mounted on a water boiler, serving as the heating system. On the shelves along the walls there are a variety of old household items, such as miniature iron iron, a kerosene lamp, and even radio beginning of the last century. The central exhibit is enclosed in a frame from a newspaper article, the headline of which reads "kachamak - the best person after another Tito." It turned out that "kachamak" - does not animate the face, and the national dish - porridge made of corn flour finely ground, are served with clotted cream. Given the careful attitude of Montenegrins to their traditions, irony author of the article is very appropriate.

Фотографии Restaurant Savardak

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