The magnificent medieval architecture is perfectly combined with the amazing beauty of the views and resort atmosphere. Founded by the Romans in the province of Dalmatia city after a few centuries, became one of the seaports Montenegro.

Located Kotor on the Adriatic Sea in Boka bay and covered mountains from the sea winds. It regularly happens earthquake, the last time that was partially destroyed in 1970, but remained a medieval city center, which has at least six churches in the Romanesque style, dating from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries, a great number of old mansions, from palaces to small private houses, located in a maze of narrow cobbled streets and squares.

In the history of Qatar and the surrounding area and there is more than 400 summer subordination of the Republic of Venice, whose influence is noticeable to the naked eye in the architecture of the city. The city walls of Kotor, some parts of which date back to IX century - one of the best examples of military architecture in Europe. The maximum height of the wall is 20 meters and width of 10 m. Covering vnizine city walls climb to the top of the cliff and fortress of St. John, how amazing to watch the magnificent views of the city and the bay.

Kotor which has been declared by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

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