Arsenal Venetian fleet

The building of the arsenal of the Venetian fleet is not an outstanding work of architectural art. It was built for unloading, storage and repair of various types of weapons. Location arsenal in the heart of Kotor due to the fact that it is protected from the enemy citadel, and is located very close to shipyard. The square in front of the Venetian navy arsenal has become the official seat of the national militia gather at the time of imminent danger the city.

In the XIX century, there is no need for further detention arsenal, the building was converted bakery and dining room for the power of the military garrison. The architects made a redesign, removed previous inputs and have built an additional floor. After the earthquake in 1979 the arsenal, as well as many city buildings, severely damaged. So it was almost rebuilt. Today, on the appointment of its former commemorative plaque, and in laying the first floor, looking more closely, you can see the powerful stones, left over from the former military facilities.

Фотографии Arsenal Venetian fleet

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