The Bay of Kotor

The beautiful Bay of Kotor is by far the largest on the Adriatic. In ancient times it was a river canyon, but as a result of tectonic shifts canyon burst under the water and formed this beautiful natural ensemble. On the territory of the bay there are many resort towns Montenegro.

Most of the lack of depth and the constant currents make the bay is extremely convenient harbor for shipping. These daily swim huge cruise ships, of bringing tourists to stroll along the streets of the beautiful city of Kotor and get acquainted with the culture of Montenegro. Bay of Kotor, the bay is often called - the card of Montenegro. It is considered a unique natural creation, in which all the love of the Creator and the soul was invested. All endow this bay only the most enthusiastic epithets. It is said that even happened like this: a man at the sight of the beauty of this place is simply breathtaking, and his admiration eloquently convey the absence of any words.

It consists Boka bay five bays: Tivat, Herceg-Novi, Kotor, Risan and Morinskogo bays, named after the eponymous town, which is located here. In addition to natural attractions in the area and have great historical and cultural significance, not only for local people but also for the whole planet. Coast Kotor Bay contain a large number of old Catholic and Orthodox churches and churches that serve as places of pilgrimage.

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