Cathedral of Saint Tryphon

Catholic Cathedral of Saint Tryphon is one of the oldest shrines in all of the Adriatic coast and is officially under the protection of UNESCO, the world body. St. Trifon, the relics of which today are in the walls of the cathedral, is the patron saint of sailors and the whole bay as a whole, local people and the whole of Montenegro. The temple was founded in 1166, although its construction was begun in 1124. It was erected on the site of the old churches, is also dedicated to St. Tryphon, built in the IX century.

Because of Kotor is located in seismological zone, the city was repeatedly shaken by tremors excavation inevitably harm architecture. Not spared this fate and the Cathedral of St. Tryphon - the restoration of the church was carried out in 1667: of stone, brought from the Croatian island of Korcula, again were built the bell tower, in the appearance of notes which have appeared fanciful Baroque. It was also decided to connect them by a wide arch, which is divided horizontally facade. Another earthquake befell Montenegro in 1979, and the church was again damaged. At this time, under his wing took an architectural monument of UNESCO, the restoration works have been carried out on its initiative, which ended in 2003.

In front of the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon today consists of two high towers and a height of 33 to 35 meters, connected by an arch that forms a portico over the main entrance. Central facade is also adorned with a beautiful window-rosette. After numerous reconstructions of the original temple has been preserved much - so was deleted by the central dome and the arch on the west side. Inside the temple is now kept many valuable treasures and relics. The altar with tabernacle - a three-tiered octagonal structure topped by an angel, which is supported by three columns made of red marble. On each of the floors can be seen carved in stone from the life of St. Tryphon scene. Inside there are several stone and wooden sculptures. The stone altar covered with gold and silver, was made in Venice, and the temple walls in some places on the store itself remains of frescoes of the XV century.

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