Church of St. Luke

The Church of Saint Luke in Kotor is one of the oldest temples Montenegro. It was built in 1195 Kotor benefactor in-law Prince Maura Katsefarangi.

Quite a modest-looking single-nave temple combines the features of both Romanesque and Byzantine architecture. Previously the church had rich interior painting, but to our time on these frescoes are preserved only some fragments on the southern wall. Paul in the temple is made of simple burial tombs Kotor citizens, as up until 1930 the burial took place inside the church.

Initially, the temple was purely Catholic, but in 1657 when Kandinsky war between the Republic of Venice and the Ottoman Empire, which had taken refuge from the Turkish invasion of many Orthodox refugees. And then the Venice city administration allowed them to use the church for Orthodox rites. Since then the church of St. Luke is located just two altar - Catholic and Orthodox. Today, the church kept relics of St. Luke, as well as particles of the holy martyrs Auxentius, Mardary and Orestes.

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