Church of St. Michael

The Church of St. Michael is located in the central part of the old town of Kotor. The first mention in the annals of the church point to 1166, when the consecration of the Cathedral attended by the abbot of St. Michael Kotor - Petar. Then the church was part of the Benedictine abbey.

The church was built in the Gothic style of architecture in the XIV-XV centuries on the site of a former convent (probably VII century), which is part of the local abbey. Today, St. Michael's Church is odnonefovoe building with a semicircular apse, the high lancet arch, reinforced arches. The interior of the church is decorated with a large number of frescoes that are best preserved on the north wall, there can be seen the image of the lower parts of the figures of saints, which are stylistic features can be attributed to the XI century.

During the earthquake in 1976 the church was badly damaged. To date, this is not a functioning church. It is used for the display of ancient writing samples, performed on the stone slabs.

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