Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nicholas in Kotor was built in the XX century in the old town. It is the largest temple in Kotor and is named in honor of St. Nicholas, the patron of sailors and travelers. Construction of the church was carried out on the site of the old church, completely destroyed during a fire in the XIX century.

The building is in a pseudo-Byzantine style, and next to the main entrance are two tall bell tower. Especially valuable is the iconostasis of 1908, which was created by a talented artist Ziegler from the Czech Republic. In the temple preserved ancient household items. Here you can see valuable religious documents and books, vestments of priests, as well as art works. For believers, particularly valuable icon of the "Three-Handed" Mother of God, which can be seen inside the building.

The Church of St Nicholas to visit not only to assess the beautiful architecture of the XX century, but also to get closer to the disclosure of the secrets of the universe and find peace of mind.

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