Citadel in Kotor

Citadel in Kotor largest and most unique attraction of this city. The walls of the fortress protecting the old part of the city, and gradually climb the rocky hill. A height of 20 meters, 16 meters thick and a total length of about 4.5 kilometers, they reliably protect the city from attacks in the old days.

For the first time for the construction of such a massive structure came from the Romans, after destroying the base and a small wall, which was erected at this place Illyrians. Some time later, the Byzantines, who had seized the town, began to fortify the defensive stronghold. In the middle of the IX century the Byzantines were replaced by Arabs, then there were Bulgarians, Venetians and Serbs.

In 1657, half the citadel of the locals sought refuge from the conquest of the Turks and were ready to fight to the end. Then the Turks did not manage to get into the castle, but also residents of the city could not get out of it, because the key to the gate, they threw into the sea. Rescue citizens, many years later, after the earthquake happened only because one of the walls cracked, and the residents were able to get out. However, after that it is again closed and since access to the interior of the citadel is impossible. Redevelopment of the citadel was completed only after the Russian navy released Kotor from the French occupation.

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