Kotor old city

In the old town of Kotor all perfectly preserved medieval architecture. Moreover, not preserved fragments and the whole ancient city entirely with its narrow streets, squares, residential buildings, temples and palaces.

The old town is surrounded by a wall and is protected by UNESCO as a historical cultural monument. The old town is easy to trace the melting pot of cultures, with a clear dominance of the Venetians. What can be seen in the winged lions, occasionally fall into the old part of the city. The history of the city has more than 2000 years. Constantly changing rulers and peoples living here. Who survived many battles over its territory, earthquakes, and epidemics of human diseases.

The first settlements established in these places Illyrians, then they were replaced by the Romans and the Byzantines, and later the city became part of the Serbian state Raska and then became part of the Venetian Republic. In the XIX century the city owned the French and the Austrians, and only after the First World War, which became part of the Yugoslav kingdom.

The old town of Kotor starts with a fortified city wall. It surrounds the city on all sides, and then steeply uphill to an altitude of 280 m, which ends with a powerful defensive fortress of St. John. The total length of defensive wall 4.5 kilometers, height - 20 meters, and a thickness ranging from 0.5 to 16 meters. Inside the protective walls are 12 areas, many streets located on them with shops, cafes and restaurants, as well as various museums and historical monuments - palaces, Orthodox and Catholic churches, towers and other interesting buildings.

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