Maritime Museum

One of the many palaces in Kotor Grgurina residence is built in the Baroque period, reflected in his style. Bequest Mr. Grgurin left his palace, the city and its residents. Here it was located the city administration with the beginning of the XIX and mid XX century. In 1938, on the first floor of the palace was opened Museum of the Navy of Montenegro. But the building needed major repairs, and in the period from 1949 to 1952, which the authorities conducted a full restoration of the palace. Thereafter Grgurin palace was set aside to accommodate him as one of the most interesting museums in Kotor.

The former Museum of the Navy reorganized in Montenegro Maritime Museum, which includes unique exhibits. Now there are numerous stores logbooks, marine equipment, household items sailors, old navigation equipment, ship furniture, nautical flags and portraits of the captains of ships. All this makes the collection of the Maritime Museum which is unique and very attractive for tourists. Near the front door of the Maritime Museum you can see the two arms of the XVIII century, which are stored in the memory of the protection that comes from the pirates. Six bronze engravings on display in the museum illustrate the great historical military events.

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