Beskucha Palace

Beskucha Palace, which was built in 1776. It belonged to a rich family Beskucha that could quite quickly become rich thanks to the maritime trade, flourishing in Kotor in the old days.

The Palace - this unassuming four-story building, built of hewn stones. With a simple architecture, the palace has a beautiful facade, decorated with magnificent bas-relief in the Gothic style. This portal is now considered a real masterpiece of the floral Gothic style, it was constructed in the XV century. Interestingly, the architectural element of the XV century has nothing to do with race Beskucha, and a family coat of arms family Byzantium.

The family Beskucha has become known in which, in the XVIII century, when it became one of the local gentry. But the real emblem Beskucha looked different - he portrayed the snake obvivshuyusya around the tree, with the child in the mouth and the words: «Si dues com nobis, quis contra nos» (If God is with us, who can be against us?). At the beginning of the XIX century the dynasty family Beskucha gradually faded, and the palace became the property of the municipality of Kotor.

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