Bizanti Palace

In the old town of Kotor is an ancient architectural monument Bizant Palace. The palace was built in the XIV century and belonged to the famous family of Byzantium, lived in this palace for centuries. Among the members of Byzantium family were great poets, priests, explorers, teachers.

The first part of the palace was built in the Romanesque style, but numerous earthquakes, restoration, expansion and reconstruction of the palace led to what is now the internal and external elements of the palace are the real architectural mix that contains the ideas of different eras and genres. The frame of the building has been preserved to the present time, it refers to 1641. The building was badly damaged in the then owner Nicholas Byzantium, restoring the ruined palace, he has attached to the north wing of the building and engraved on the facade of family coat of arms with the image of a lion in a jump, as well as their initials and date of the terrible earthquake in 1667.

Currently, the palace consists of two wings with an inner open courtyard inside the courtyard staircase leading to the floors - this composition is typical for the style of the Renaissance. Sami stairs, windows, doors, and well inside the courtyard, richly decorated and adorned with family coat of arms and crown, can be attributed to the Baroque style.

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