Bucha Palace

Bucha Palace Kotor, built in the XIII-XIV centuries, is located on the west side of Flour Square in the city's old quarter, next to the palace Pima. He was one of the most famous and highly influential family Bucha, natives of which occupied important positions in the most diverse spheres of life: trade, diplomacy, finance and religion. Because of the numerous earthquakes and reconstructions erstwhile palace of beauty, eloquent declare the wealth and influence of the family Bucha, was lost.

Today, the palace is possible to distinguish several layers whose architecture. The oldest first floor, built in the XIV century, is made in the Roman-Gothic style. The second floor is characterized by elements of the Gothic - double and triple arched windows. The third floor was built in the XVIII century, has a bright direction, it is difficult to determine the architectural style, you can select the elements of the Baroque and Renaissance. The central facade of the palace Bucha artistic and historical value are the two family coat of arms. The first depicts a stylized lily flower, he belongs to a noble family Bucha. The second can be seen in the center of utku- a symbol of the other owners of the palace Bucha, family kind Paskvali who purchased the palace in Bucha family.

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