Pima Palace

One of the buildings of architectural ensemble of the old city of Kotor is palace Pima. It was built in the XVII century in the Renaissance at the junction of the Renaissance and Baroque architectural styles. Its architecture merged the finest elements of these areas. The palace belonged to the family of Pima, which flourished from the XIV to XVIII century, and is actively involved in the life of the city. The family gave the city a lot of famous names such as poets Jerome and Bernard Pima Pima, LL.D. Louis Pima, professor at the University of Padua.

The dominant porch with a terrace at the front and the system of stairways and galleries in the backyard is the basic concept of the construction of the palace Pima. The upper balcony - the most valuable piece of exterior, it is fixed at 12 stone piers korchulskogo of stone, decorated with carvings and iron railings - a craftsmanship Kotor blacksmiths. The main portal, which shows the coat of arms of the family Pima supported by two angels, made in Baroque style. In the early twentieth century, the central part of the palace was completed two floors, designed for the needs of the Marine College in 1979, these buildings were demolished and the palace acquired the original appearance.

Фотографии Pima Palace

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