Prince Palace

Prince's Palace in Kotor was founded in the XVIII century and belongs to the most valuable monuments of Renaissance architecture. This building does not stand out any frills in the architectural solution. The construction is not bright baroque features, except for curly brackets that support the long balcony.

For the first time, the palace was used as the Venetian governor of his residence, and in 1788 the palace was turned into a military barracks and military warehouses. The shape of the building is strongly stretched, it has a length of 60 m and a width of 6 m, this feature of the architecture made it very vulnerable to all earthquakes. In 1979, during an earthquake Prince's Palace which was almost completely destroyed, its debris capturing and other neighboring buildings. The construction is gradually restored, and today the palace is completely restored thanks to the owners of small shops on the ground floor of the palace.

Фотографии Prince Palace

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