Biogradsko lake

Biogradsko Lake, located at Mojkovac around the city, often called the pearl of the nature reserve and the heart of the national park Biogradska mountain.

Glacial origin and the location at an altitude of 1094 meters above sea level making it the water crystal clear and refreshingly cool even in the hottest heat. This unique nature reserve, one of the most beautiful lakes in the entire Balkan Peninsula. Riparian forests abound with game and poultry. Mountain river and a pond full of fish himself. Lovers of fishing from all over the world come here in an effort to catch mountain trout.

Biogradsko lake is 870 meters, width of 260 meters and the shoreline length of about 3.3 kilometers. The average depth of the lake of 4.5 meters and a maximum of 12.1 meters. The extraordinary purity of the water allows you to view it almost to the bottom. Landmarks Biogradsko lake famous for the amazing beauty of the scenery. Local forests are striking variety of trees and shrubs, many of which occur nowhere else. Among the large number of domesticated wildlife reserve. You do not often have the opportunity to hand feed the deer or deer in the shadow of many-centuries-old pines and firs.

From the lake take their start about 10 hiking trails of various levels of complexity, from the simplest to the conquest of the mountain peaks of the National Park Biogradska Gora. Into the lake Biogradska river and creek Lavelle and river flows Ezerstitsa - a tributary of Tara. The lake is extremely rich in fish, especially trout, which in autumn comes here in shallow water to spawn. In winter the lake is covered with a thick layer of ice, on which deer like to walk. Near the lake there are various tourist facilities - there is a hotel, restaurant, boat rentals, well-developed network of walking paths with benches for rest. Tourists who have visited here for a long time left in memory of the majestic mountain peaks, crystal blue water, and the proud strength of virgin forests.

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