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Niksic Montenegro
PHOTO Niksic Montenegro

Niksic is located in the central part of Montenegro. It was built in the 4th century, and wore the original name Onogost. The remains of the old city today is a monument of cultural and historical heritage.

In the vicinity of Niksic, in the direction of Podgorica, high in the mountains, is the biggest spiritual center of Montenegro, Ostrog monastery, founded in the XII century Metropolitan Basil. Today, his relics are here and Ostrog is the most visited Orthodox shrine in the Balkans.

Niksic surrounded by three lakes: Krupachko, Slansky and Liverovichi. During the summer months, these lakes are popular holiday destinations for travelers and tourists. Niksic is also well known for its production of the famous Niksicko beer.

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