Tsarev bridge

Elegant Tsarev bridge, located near Niksic, certainly among the top five crossings Montenegro. His appearance masterpiece of hydraulic engineering required to the two kings. King Nikola put forward the idea, and the Russian Tsar Alexander III became the sponsor of the construction, and the name Tsarev bridge owes him. Prestigious project involved one of the best architects of their time slide. In May 1894 the Chairman of the State Council of Montenegro has laid the foundation stone. The gigantic amount of work was carried out in record time, and in October a solemn procedure for opening of the bridge was carried out.

The width of the river Panduritsy only about a dozen steps, but she has an extensive floodplain. That this is due to the length of the bridge of 269 meters. Stone structure contains 18 spans, the height of the largest of which is 13 meters. The river bed had to ennoble: there was a small footbridge between the pillars of the bridge. the waterfront and 600 meters dressed in concrete. Construction of new highways has led to what is now the bridge is 4.5 kilometers from Niksic on the old road in the direction of Podgorica and not actively maintained. But, like a hundred years ago, it remains one of the most significant engineering structures of the country, served as an inspiration to generations of architects.

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