Fortress Bedem

Bedem fortress located on a hill on the outskirts of modern Niksic, actually, it's not exactly a private castle, and remnants of the old city at the time better known as the Roman or Anagastuma Slavic Onogoshta.

For the first time the fortress was mentioned in historical manuscripts in 1518. Bedem was built by the Turks during their rule in the territory of modern Niksic. In 1877 the city was liberated from the Turkish yoke, and the first feature of the fortress disappeared by itself. After liberation from the Turks, the city began to flourish, and the ruins of Bedem are now a national historic monument and protected by the state.

Strengthening divided into western and eastern parts, in addition to outside the castle walls, it also has six towers located at the corners of the fortress. In the middle of the fort is its oldest part - Castel, which was built in the VI century in the Roman period. The central building of the bastion includes a room for the guard and a deep basement, used for the storage of ammunition. High on a hill fort site had previously been artillery platforms, each of which housed 6-8 guns. Now the castle is actively being restored, it is planning to make an open space for theater and other views.

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