Palace of King Nikola

The Royal Palace of Nikola I in Niksic - one of the most beautiful residences that were built Petrovic Njegos dynasty during his reign in the Montenegro . She appeared to address Nikola I Petrovic in 1900, but later rebuilt several times. However, the royal family came here rarely, and most of the time it is empty space.

About once "public" purpose of the palace now resembles the embossed coat of arms of Montenegro placed above the main entrance to the building. Now the city is located in the cultural center of the former royal palace of Nikola I, which includes an archive, library and museum, which presents a comprehensive historical exhibition devoted to the municipality of Niksic. Among the museum's collections of special value are the archaeological artifacts from Red Cliff, places of prehistoric excavation of the first millennium BC. In addition, there are also departments of history of Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the national liberation movement. Part of the museum is reserved for the Montenegrin ethnographic exhibition.

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