Krupachko lake

Krupachko lake Niksic the largest artificial reservoir in Montenegro. It was made of an artificial mound, which was built in the bed of a mountain river, which makes it a bit slow the rapid course. Thanks to recharge from a variety of mountain streams and springs, water Krupachko lake is crystal clear and cool at any time of the year.

The lake is rich varieties of fish, including rare species, making it a favorite place for recreation and fishing for local residents and tourists. Here regular sport fishing competitions. The pond is equipped with a beautiful promenade and beaches. The area of ​​the lake is Krupachko sports and recreation center, which include sports, pleasure grounds and dam.

A pleasant mountain climate attracts tourists to the area, who are tired of the sweltering heat. It is always crowded, especially on hot summer days. Already more than a year on the shores of Lake Fest held music festival. During the festival on the shores of the lake are organized camps, concerts with famous bands Montenegro. A famous beer "Nikishichko" is the sponsor and the main inspirer of the festival. Respect for the natural heritage is actively cultivated by the locals. plan for environmental protection activities are regularly held at Lake Fest environmental advertising meets not less than logos beer sponsors. The result of this policy was that the region is becoming increasingly popular among supporters of cycling and eco-tourism.

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