Forest Trebesa

Trebesa Forest is a nature reserve with a total area of ​​126 hectares on the eponymous mountain, towering above the sea level at 752 meters. Forest begins right in the city from the south-east side of the Niksic. Favorite vacation spot of locals and tourists is under state protection.

The special attraction of the forest park is that it is equally suited for leisurely walks along the paved pedestrian paths, bicycle trips and for the "sophisticated" trips to unexplored paths. Here you can find hundreds of species of trees, shrubs, herbaceous plants, some of which are unique, those that do not grow anywhere else. For example, herbaceous plants, presented by more than 200 species, and at least 400 different species of trees. Birds and animals who have no fear of man, are quite common on the road. Autumn here are sent to fans of "quiet hunting" to return from a walk with a basket full of mushrooms.

South West Forest Park is known for its springs, flowing into Mkroshnitsu, a small river. At the foot of the mountain air sports fields and courts, where you can play football or tennis. Thus, active sports meet here with a leisurely stroll.

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