The little town of Perast is located at the foot of the St. Elias hill, opposite the Strait Kotor bay, where it joins the most beautiful bays of Risan and Kotor.

As far as we know, this is the oldest settlement on the shores of the Bay of Kotor. Remains of Neolithic culture (3500 BC) were found in the caves of Spila, situated slightly above Perast, as well as numerous archaeological finds testify stay in Perast peoples Illyrian, Roman and early Christian communities. Perast, unlike other cities of the coast, little affected by the earthquake, and the architecture of 15-18 centuries, preserved in excellent condition.

It seems that time stopped the run and lay down to rest in the shade on the waterfront. The whole life of this city is connected with seafaring and shipbuilding. Perast gave the world a galaxy of prominent sailors, one of whom was the admiral of the Baltic fleet Zmaevich Mathias, who helped create the Peter the Great, the Baltic Fleet. Zmaevichu Monument located on the central area of Perast, which is called the Admirals Square.

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