Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nicholas with its high bell tower is the most recognizable landmark Perast. The temple, built in 1616 in honor of St. Nicholas, patron saint of sailors and navigation, was a demonstration of the power of the medieval town, which in the old days was famous for sailors throughout Europe.

In the middle of the XVIII century, work began to rebuild the church of St. Nicholas. In 1740 a new foundation, built apses and the sacristy was laid. But to fully realize conceived plans did not work, the restructuring has been stopped due to the outbreak of the Napoleonic Wars in 1800.

Today, the temple is a whole part of several churches. The most recognizable part of the church of St. Nicholas in Perast is the bell tower, whose height is 55 meters, which was built by the Venetian architect Giuseppe Beato in 1691. Due to its high altitude belfry perfectly visible from anywhere in Perast. Archbishop Andrew of family Zmaevichey gave the bell tower in 1713 the largest bell, and in 1797 there were two more small bells. Venice gave the town clock installed in the bell tower in 1730.

Now the bell tower of St. Nicholas Church offers great views of the bay. Outside the church it looks modest, but the internal situation of the Church of St. Nicholas is decorated with paintings of the local Baroque painter Tripo Kokolja. The ceiling of the church is decorated with wood, carved marble altar in Baroque style well preserved until our time. The church is also the body. In the sacristy of the church kept many paintings and ceremonial clothing belonging to XVI-XVII centuries.

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