Municipal Museum of Perast

City Museum of Perast was opened by local authorities in 1937. Originally the museum was located in the Town Hall building on the square near the St. Nicholas Church. Most of his pieces have sacrificed for the sake of society rich and noble family of Perast.

By 1948, the number of exhibits had accumulated too much for such a small building, so it was decided to transfer him to the palace Buyovichey. The building, designed by the famous Venetian architect Giovanni Battista Fontana, and contains elements of Baroque, which is famous for the Renaissance. Built on the order of the palace Buyovichey represents splendor and pomp of Perast Venetian period.

The exhibits of the collection allows us to trace the development of the city of Perast, since the Venetian rule, the rule of the Ottoman Empire and the ending period of the establishment of the French and Austrian influences. Among the city museum exhibits visitors can see historical costumes and vintage jewelry, a rich collection of weapons. The most famous exhibits of the collection are the sword Vuksha Stepanovich, forged in the late XIV century, decorated with rich gold inlay and a letter, and the sword of Admiral Matija Zmaevicha decorated family coat of arms.

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