Gospa-od-Skrpjela island

Our Lady of the Rocks is the only man-made island in the Adriatic. It was built on top of a small reef, where the sailors found an icon of the Mother of God. This explains the name of Our Lady of the Rocks, which means "Our Lady of the reef».

The brothers Morteshichi, sailors from the nearby city Perast, found on a small reef near an icon depicting the Virgin Mary. Most likely, the icon came to the island after the shipwreck of one of the ships, but which found its sailors she brought luck - one of the brothers got rid of long-standing illness. Hearing about this miraculous healing rather quickly spread around the neighborhood, and the icon became a very revered. In order to build on this island reef it took almost 200 years. All this time around rocks flooded the old, worn out, the ships and the captured pirate ships. In addition, the city authorities had adopted a law requiring every ship passing by to throw a stone at this point in the sea. Gradually, in the place of a small cliff appeared bulk plateau area of ​​3030 m².

The ancient custom of throwing stones into the water near the island is preserved today, every year on July 22 held a city holiday Fashinada when all the men of the city sit in a brightly decorated boat and carry stones to the foot of the island. Ends holiday sailing regatta, with the participation of the boat with all Kotor Bay.

On the island in 1630 built the church of Our Lady, that she patronized by local sailors in their dangerous voyages. His final appearance the church acquired in 1722. The temple is 11 meters high and built in the classical Byzantine style. In times of greatest prosperity of Perast sailors decorated church many works of art that they brought from their travels. There are still kept many gifts and treasures of those times, and 68 paintings on display in the halls of the church make it a real art gallery.

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