St. George Island

St George Island, or Island of the Dead, is located near the town of Perast in Boko-Kotorskom Gulf. Its name derives from the Benedictine Abbey of St. George, which was built here in the IX century, which was later destroyed.

This place is closed, the island does not lead tours here and can not dock on a private boat. The second name - Dead Island has been received, as there is an old cemetery, where until the end of the XVII century nobles were buried. The cemetery is located in the shadow of majestic cypress trees that provide shade over the island and over the cemetery itself. The area of ​​St. George Island is so small that when you look from the shore, it seems that the monastery is adrift. This gives it an additional charm.

This is a place worth a visit in any case, if only to admire the beauty of the surrounding islands. And it is with the Isle of the Dead is connected one of the most beautiful legends of Montenegro. Back in 1812 the Bay of Kotor, the French army occupied. They established themselves on the island of St. George garrison. It served, and a handsome young gunner named Ante. A young man loved a local girl Katarina, who lives in Perast. Feelings were mutual, and young lovers planned to get married as soon as Ante finish service. Once Montenegrins revolted against the French army and the commander of the garrison, to scare unruly, gave the order to fire a gun on Perast. Ante made a single shot. a single house was destroyed. But in this house and lived his beloved Catherine, who died on the spot. When the young Katarina brought to the cemetery of St. George Island, Ante distraught, he tore off his uniform, cursed war, and was tonsured a monk.

As the years passed. The French withdrew from the Bay of Kotor, the island was deserted, and only Ante remained at the grave of his beloved, lighting candles each night in her memory. Once, on a moonless night, candles are not lit up. Residents Perast went to check what happened to the monk, and found him dead on the grave of Catherine.

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