Monastery Gradiste

The monastery Gradiste is located four kilometers from the Petrovac on a small hill. This old monastery, which is one of the best monuments of the late Middle Ages fresco and a valuable representative of Petrovac architecture. The first monastery stone was laid in 1116 on the site of a former Greco-Roman cemetery. The walls of the monastery survived numerous wars on the territory of Montenegro, but thanks to the monks of the monastery many valuable icons and unique wall paintings have survived.

Initially, Gradiste was a branch of Decani monastery, and before the Second World War it housed the monastic school. At first, she was in the tower, and then - in the case privately. In the XVIII century the monastery was plundered by the troops of the Turkish pasha Mahmoud Bushatli, and many monks were killed. In the XIX century Gradiste has been completely restored, but in the beginning of the XX century, he was again subjected to strong destruction. During the First World War the Austrian army used all its bells for the metal, and during the Second World Italian fascists burned all the buildings completely. After the war, the monks of the monastery all newly restored building. By 1972, the work was finished, but a major earthquake in 1979 destroyed all the work of the monks. In 1993, the monastery was completely rebuilt and re-consecrated.

Today Gradiste consists of three churches, and cemeteries in camera body. The main monastery church was built in the XII century and is known as St. Nicholas Church. In 1620 the interior of the church was painted the famous fresco master Strahinja from Budimlya, depicting on the south wall of St. Sava and Simeon, on the northern wall of Holy Mary of Egypt "Milkgiver". In 1796 the temple was magnificent carved iconostasis efforts master Basil Plotkin rice. The monastery complex also includes the Church of St. Sava, postroennnaya in the XIX century and the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Gradiste Monastery is a functioning monastery of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In addition, the monastery complex is included in the state register of cultural and historical monuments of Montenegro and is protected by UNESCO.

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