Monastery Rezevici

Rezevici Monastery is located near the town of Petrovac. The monastery is surrounded by old olive groves, and is composed of three small churches: Holy Trinity Church, Church of the Holy Archdeacon Stephen and the Church of Assumption of the Virgin


According to legend, here the first indication to erect a monastery church, and gave himself King Stefan the First-Crowned, who in 1226 passed the village with his retinue, drank local wine and spent the night in this village. In memory of the royal inn and was built by the Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. another king, Dushan One hundred years later, traveling in these parts, gave an order to build close to the church of the Assumption Church of St. Stephen. And later, in 1785, there appeared the church of the Holy Trinity.

A lot of effort for the development of the monastery put his priors, first abbot Maxim Koserevats and then his disciple Nicodemus Vukovic. Up until 1907 the monastery has provided financial assistance to the government of the Russian Empire. World Heritage monastery, except for the remnants of frescoes, are an icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary in 1693, the Four Gospels 1835, a large ceremonial cross 1850 Shrine middle of the XIX century, and many other valuable items.

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