Plav is located at the foot of the mountain massif Prokletije on the source of the river Lim. It is believed that it got its name in honor of the Roman emperor Plavius during the Roman rule.

Nature has endowed this region of magnificent and varied scenery. Plav abounds in lakes and the most known is Lake Plav, Lake Glacier, one of the largest and most beautiful in the area. Mountain lakes Hridsko glacial origin (1970 m above sea level) and Vizitorsko specific its floating island. Due to natural resources melt it attracts fans of active recreation and mountains. In the area of ​​swimming and the shores of Lake Plav there are several ethno-villages and eco-friendly hotel, where you can stay and enjoy the natural beauty of the area. Hikes in the surrounding mountains with a local escort will be the perfect leisure time.

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