Ali-Pasha springs

Springs Ali Pasha located at an altitude of 925 meters above sea level, 11 kilometers from the Plava and 1 kilometer from the village goose. Surrounded by the stunning mountain landscape of the new birth of water flow looks particularly impressive. Sources Ali Pasha beat out of the ground at the foot of the mountains Prokletije an area of ​​almost 300 square meters. The average water flow rate is of the order of 1.5 meters per second, and during the spring flood, it increases three times. Widely spill point where they exit from underground sources and then run into the river Vruya and then Lake Plav. Appearance, shades of the water and the play of light sources in the bubbling streams is particularly gorgeous at sunset.

Sources were named in honor of a very famous historical figure of the Albanian commander Ali Pasha Gusinsky, who was trying to get this area under its jurisdiction. He built the high watchtower that all year to be able to watch this miracle of nature. In consequence of this place it has become a popular holiday destination for trade caravans that traveled from Dubrovnik to Istanbul. People from different countries concluded here business contracts and agreed on a joint trade. Over time, the sources have become a real symbol of the region. At this point, the real noisy bazaars, were the courts, concluded global brotherhood created, as well as rolls luxurious feasts.

The goose and directly next to sources there are not so many tourists, here you can fully enjoy the local hospitality and the natural food that can be found in the local shops and cafes. According to legends, medicinal water sources, it is saturated with a large number of minerals, has a special power and brings luck in commercial matters.

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