Botanical garden Velemun

Just three kilometers from the Montenegrin town of Plav is a unique botanical garden Velemun, which is located at an altitude of 920 meters above sea level. Established in 1993 professors hands of scientists, botanists, as well as tourists, the garden combines more than 350 kinds of beautiful plants from all over the Prokletije. Here you can see not only all known species, but also rare and new, for example, Virak Vincekov, Gentiana kochiana or Vilina rosa. All plants have their own personal story and the main creator of the Botanical Garden, Professor Milutin-Mico Prascevic, he remembers when he found each of them and bring in their own garden.

The Botanical Garden Velemun very often found in tourist destinations for swimming, because it extraordinarily beautiful. Not only that its territory contains a huge number of plants, some of which, incidentally, has not even been studied by scientists until the end. On the slopes of the mountain ranges Prokletije off an incredible view of the lake and all that surrounds them. Very active and sports tourists can afford to ride a bike on the specially laid by Mico Prascevic routes that can show all the beauty of the botanical garden, tree-covered steep mountains, lead to the top of one of the mountains, whose height is more than 2000 meters, in the north-eastern part mountain range, overlooking the glacial lake Visitorsko, having a special dark green color is due to the surrounding evergreen trees.

If you - a lover of nature, unique plants, beautiful landscapes, this place - what you need! Here you will learn a lot, get an incredible experience and a plunge into the world for nothing like flora.

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