Hrid lake

Hridskoe lake is 18 kilometers from the Plava in national park Prokletije.

Located at an altitude of 1970 meters above sea level, the lake has dimensions of 300 meters in length, 160 in width and an average depth of 6 meters. During periods of snow melt and large lake sediments increases slightly and narrowed dry summers. On the banks of pine trees have adapted to rather harsh conditions, reaching a height of 30 meters and the thickness of the barrel is greater than 1 meter.

There is a legend that bathing in the waters of Lake Hridskogo brings health, luck and happiness in marriage. If you make a wish and throw a small lake decoration, then it will come true, so through the thickness of the transparent water at the bottom of the lake Hridskogo you can see a large number of rings, bracelets and chains, posted here for many years visitors to this wonderful place. Another legend states that the alpine beautiful lake created gods for swimming mermaids away from human eyes. Anglers will be disappointed: the fish in one of Montenegro's most beautiful lakes there. Attempts to settle here trout were unsuccessful. But in the surrounding forest inhabited by wild beasts and birds. So who buys a license Hunter would return with prey.

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