Lake Plav

Lake Plav is located in the municipality Plava in close proximity to the city. The lake has a glacial origin and lies at an altitude of 906 m above sea level. Its length is 2 km and a width of 1.5 kilometers, the average depth of 4 meters and a maximum of 9 meters.

The water level in the lake varies throughout the year, depending on the season and rainfall, it has a maximum height in May and minimum in September. In winter, Lake Plav completely freezes and opens an excellent opportunity to have fun for fans of winter fishing. Lake Plav has a very pure water, is easily visible at a depth of about 4 meters. The lake flows into the river Lyucha and follows the river Lim, through which the water in the lake is completely updated 82 times a year.

Lake Plav is famous for its rich and interesting nature - shores are surrounded by lush green meadows and bushes, and the lake is a lot of fish, especially the Danube salmon, trout, pike, chub, barbel and carp. In 1985 there was a record caught salmon weighing 41 kg. Such an abundance of fish creates favorable conditions for recreational fishing. In addition, in the bushes near the lake lives a large number of wild birds, which are showing interest in the numerous hunters and ornithologists. The most numerous populations of birds - it coots, mallards, cormorants, but also there are gray herons, gulls and terns. The lake is equipped with good infrastructure and has a great tourist and recreational potential. There is a belief that the water of the lake has a number of medicinal properties.

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