National park of Prokletiye

The National Park Prokletije is a unique nature reserve, based on the total area of ​​16630 hectares. Its National Park status, he received only in 2009 and became the fifth officially protected by the state territory Montenegro.

The terrain park Prokletije is characterized by a large number of peaks whose height exceeds 2000 meters above sea level, which attracts many mountain lovers and climbers. Highest peak is Mount Zla Kolata, which has a height of 2534 meters above sea level. In the park there are numerous glacial lakes, ponds, streams, springs and sources of freshwater and mineral water. The average annual temperature in this area ranges from 2 to 7 degrees Celsius.

In the warmer months, the National Park is becoming a popular area for climbing routes, cyclists and hikers. On the territory of Prokletije grow oak, beech, maple, chestnut, spruce and fir. In some places, preserved relict pine forest. Flora local hillsides contains a large number of endemic plants, many of them possess medicinal effect, and the honey collected by bees in the area, also considered to be curative. It grows nearly 1,700 species of plants, nearly half of the total flora of Montenegro.

The fauna is also quite diverse, which makes this a very attractive area for fishing, hunting and bird watching. The rivers and lakes are found grayling, trout, chub, carp, roach and other fish species. The park has been seen more than 160 species of birds, most of the population account for a large gray heron, spoonbill, griffon vulture, serpent eagle, hawk, buzzard, chegok, peregrine falcon, grouse, red crossbill. Mammals are represented by the abundance of rodents and rabbits, wolves, brown bears, lynx, wild boar, chamois and deer.

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