Redzhepagich tower

One of the oldest buildings in the Plav is Redzhepagicha tower. In 1671, Hassan-Beck Redzhzhepagich lifted it high building fortification architecture, the main purpose of which was to protect against attacks Banyani tribes living nearby. For this tower placed on top, where it was possible to control the surrounding neighborhood. There are other indications that the tower was built in the XV century Ali-Bek Redzhepagichem ancestor Hassan-Beck. In those times, the tower was the only structure of its kind in swimming. Unfortunately, the rest of the towers have not survived to our times.

All the towers were surrounded by a single wall, and placed in the courtyard outbuildings. Redzhepagicha tower is a high and narrow construction, its size is 8 meters wide by 7 meters in length. Initially it had two floors with sturdy stone walls, lookout tower and rifle loopholes. Later, it was completed the third floor of a wooden "Cardak". Under the tower there is a small cellar, it was used as a night shelter for the animals and a storage room for grains and winter food supplies. On the ground floor of the tower Redzhepagicha a kitchen, located just above the back rooms, while the upper floors were used as residential. On each side of the tower, there are special wooden structures - the so-called "bay window" in their stored grain reserves, arrange bath (hamam) and down wastes. Top of the tower can be reached by internal staircase or external attachment, but the latter is used only during the day to night, the tower remained impregnable.

Today Redzhepagicha Tower is a significant cultural and historical monument, which is in high demand from tourists visiting the melt.

Фотографии Redzhepagich tower

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