Sultan mosque

Sultan's Mosque in Plav was built in the early XX century, after gaining Montenegro independence. In 1909, the Sultan Mosque was built with the support of the Sultan Abdul Hamid II in memory of the inhabitants of the melt, killed in battle at Niksic in 1879, of hewn stone with a stone minaret. Three years after the construction of the mosque in 1912, against hostile attitudes between Muslims and Christians at the mosque minaret destroyed, as it did in 1924 robbed the Muslim community and turned into a military warehouse. Subsequently, in a building of the Sultan Mosque in Plav housed a school and a police station.

As a result of the Christian community of the mosque buildings were lost numerous inscriptions of the original interior. At the end of the XX century, at the request of Muslims Plava mosque was returned to the religious community of the city. By 2005, the mosque has been completely restored and is almost completely rebuilt, built a new dome and 43-meter minaret. In the same year, the grand opening of the Sultan Mosque, and since then it is considered the main center of the Muslim community in the city.

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