Vizirskaya mosque

Vizirskaya mosque is located 10 kilometers from the Plava village Husin. It was named after its founder, Skadar Vizier Kara Mahmoud Pasha Bushatliya. It was he who gave the local tribe Clementi mountainsides Brada to these pastures they could grow their animals and the proceeds support the functioning of the mosque.

The construction of the mosque due to the XVIII century. According to some sources it happened in 1745, on the other in 1765. The base of the mosque has a rectangular shape and is made of cut stone. The main entrance to the mosque Vizirskuyu, its porch is made of wood and decorated with many carved ornaments. Because wood is made and minaret of a mosque with an open gallery upstairs. Mosque repeatedly repaired and reconstructed, so that has been lost of the old decorations. The last repair took place in 1994 on the money of American sponsors, original roofing was replaced by the artificial and indoor fountain for ablutions was built in the yard.

Фотографии Vizirskaya mosque

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