Visitorskoe lake

At an altitude of 1735 meters above sea level in the municipality Plava Visitorskoe is a small lake. Surrounded by tall trees, this small body of water looks like a bit of a lost world, on which a completely timeless and modern noisy all the fuss civilization.

The lake of glacial origin has dimensions of 92 meters in length and 73 meters in width, with a maximum depth of 4 meters. The lake shores are surrounded by dense forest, mostly it's almost 20-meter high pine, fir and spruce. Therefore, he is like a pond surrounded by high green wall, from which the water of the lake takes on a dark green tint. Older trees often fall directly into the lake, so the day can often see their sunken old trunks.

In the winter time the lake is covered with ice, and in summer months the water is warmed up to 18 degrees. Visitorskogo the middle of the lake is a unique floating island. There is a legend that it was built the ancient herdsmen of felled trees that night to drive the cattle to him for protection from wild wolves. The surface of the floating island through the thick and the recess of the trace water leaks immediately. Now to get to the island is possible by specially nastlannym logs.

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